Following the Fathers

I thought today that I would “practice what I preach” and follow my father’s line through the fathers just to see how far back I can go without too much research.

To make it a bit interesting I’ll add a fact about each generation. At this stage I don’t have photos to add but they can be inserted at a later date.

  1. My father: Donald Campbell Robbins: 1922 – 1992 – Spitfire pilot WW2

2. DCR’s father: Donald Ross Robbins : 1888 – 1964 – Milk supplier

3. DRR’s father: Benjamin Conrad Robbins (4th) : 1857 – 1953 – Mayor of Hawera & Tauranga

4. BCR’s father: Benjamin Robbins (3rd) : Sea captain, born in Nova Scotia

5. BR’s father: Benjamin  Robbins (2nd): 1790 –

6. BR’s father: Joseph Robbins: 1757 – 1839

7. JR’s father: Benjamin Robbins (1st) : 1732 – Married Mayflower pilgrim. Drowned in Lobster Pond, Nova Scotia.

8. BR’s father: Jeduthan Robbins (2nd): 1694 – 1740 – Born in Plympton, Massachusetts.

9. JR’s father: Jeduthan Robbins (1st): 1667 – 1721

10. JR’s father: John Robbins: (no birth or death dates) – “John became a hopeless cripple”

11. JR’s father: Nicholas Robbins: (no birth or death dates) – Shoemaker probably from Channel Islands.

Wow! that’s quite impressive – 11 generations, not including three existing ones. I must admit that that was easy as the work has been done by previous family genealogists 🙂 I can see there is plenty to work on to make an interesting storyline but that is a good start.

For further research there are a multitude of search engines, many of them free.  The further one goes back in history, the harder it becomes to unlock information, of course, but that’s where the fun is – actually finding something new!

So, go for it… I’m now going to see how far back I can trace my Mother’s maternal line just for fun!