Why write a photography blog….

I have been an amateur photographer since I was about 10 years old.  My father was a keen photographer & also my mother’s father. So I guess it’s in the genes.

A small collection of cameras and accessories dating back to my grandfather's camera.
A small collection of cameras and accessories dating back to my grandfather’s camera.

I remember my first camera – no, not a Box Brownie, but a similar-aged model which took a reel of 12 black and white photos on film, of course. My father taught me not to “waste” photos as each, good and bad, cost money to develop.  He never hesitated to pay to develop my films but he certainly wasn’t impressed if there were too many “dud” shots on a reel.  I still have a few of those photos in albums and think, for a child, they’re okay.

I progressed through two or three cameras during my teenage years and joined the Camera Club at Teacher’s College where I learned how to develop my own photos and other topics relevant to composition and so on. On graduation from Teacher’s College my father gave me a (second-hand) “real” camera – one that did more than “point & shoot”. This camera served me well over many years until I bought myself my first SLR. I taught myself how to use this and still enjoy reflecting on many of the photos taken before the advent of the digital camera.

With the “advance” to a digital I promptly forgot all I had learned regarding ISO, f-stops and aperture sizes, etc, etc. The digital auto-mode did it all for me 🙂 Now, 15-or-so-years later I have, after having owned a DSLR (digital SLR) for 3 years, decided it is time I taught myself how to use the manual mode! Unfortunately, my memory does not serve me well and I really do have to go back to the beginning.

I loaned my Seagull SLR to various friends and family members and now it has disappeared off my radar as has my first digital – oh well, they’ll probably re-surface one day when I’m long gone!

I have read several books, including my camera manual (well, parts of it), and started a couple of on-line photography courses (I got lost!) and visited many websites on cameras and photography (some are excellent, some not!). I decided that I must go back to basics and relearn (from Youtube clips and websites). Joining the local Photography Society is another step forward. Then, if I write, as simply as possible, what I learn I will not only consolidate it to myself but may just help others also. Honestly, at this stage, finding my way around menu, dials, options and controls is almost as daunting as learning to fly an aircraft!

Next post…. ISO, f-stop, aperture sizes and shutter speeds 🙂