Family History

Not a favourite photo but sure is a favourite place!
Not a favourite photo but sure is a favourite place!

Hi there,

I had another “aaah!” moment this morning when I logged in to complete this post I began yesterday – it wasn’t anywhere to be found!!  I was sure I “Saved Draft” but…  I will  begin again, though, and if you are of the mature generation, like me, I want to encourage you to do likewise as these hurdles can be overcome!!

Anyway, today I wanted to talk a little about Family History.  Have you researched yours? I guess I’m fortunate in that much of mine has been done and published in various forms.  I will use the information I have but will also take a more novel approach, I hope.

I have found that I have some famous forebears…. at least 3 US Presidents, a couple of well-known actors and scientists and even Sir Winston Churchill, I believe! These folk all come from the Mayflower Pilgrims and I can trace my lineage back through three pilgrims.  Now, I know I share these links with a million or so others but I can join “The Mayflower Society” if I so wish, and there is just so much information to be gleaned from a multitude of websites.

Closer to home here in New Zealand, my great-grandfather was mayor of one town (Hawera) and one city (Tauranga) and has a street and a park named after him.  And two men I knew well played very active parts in defending New Zealand – one grandfather fought at Gallipoli in the 1st World War and my father flew Spitfires in the 2nd World War.

And, as one would expect, in between all these “claims to fame” there are the “skeletons in the closet”.  Because so much of my history has been researched and documented, it’s these “skeletons” that I am going to focus on – just because they make reading interesting, and we all know that a good novel always contains a bit of “spice” of one sort or another!

If you are just beginning research into your family history and there hasn’t been much done before you I suggest you take one family line at a time, e.g. your follow your father’s line and his father, and his father and so on as far back as you can.  There a numerous sites – some free, some subscribed – which are immeasurably helpful.  I learned of many of these at a course I attended – another good option to get you started. In fact, there is so much information available it becomes quite daunting and confusing but keep a notebook to record everything and the jigsaw will eventually come together.

And that’s it for now…

Remember “Think like a proton and stay positive!”