From blog to book…

History recorded in a book – I like it! (Ha! ha! I just reread this and thought “How dumb does that sound?? Of course history is recorded in books – many of them!” However, I guess that’s where the mind goes when one spends so much time trolling the internet and tapping on computer keys. So I decided to leave the comment…) Anyway, this is my goal – to record my family history on paper, not just on website or computer pages. And, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, this blogging is a means to an end. I have the advantage of much of my family tree having been researched and I am even in possession of one hard-cover publication detailing one specific line plus several soft-cover booklets to help me on my journey.

A few of my myriad of notes.
A few of my myriad of notes.

As I delve into family history and the births, marriages and deaths of my predecessors I want to know about their lives… were they born into happy homes? how did they get along with siblings? did they marry the person of their choice? did they have loving spouses? how & of what did they die?  and so the questions go on… and on… and on…

I read many novels and my favourite would be historical sagas where the reader becomes a friend (or otherwise) of the characters. I wonder if I can write one of these using facts I am able to glean from my ancestry? I did a distance writing course a few years ago and did draw up the outline for my historical saga… the course finished and so did I 😦

However, I am now inspired once again, so on these pages (posts) I hope to bring the beginnings of a book (or two or three) following my family history through the ages. It may be haphazard but I will commit myself to a minimum of one post each week so follow along with me and become inspired yourself!

And to help me I will now do a Google search on Family History blogs – as with just about everything today, there are sure to be some there that will aid and abet me in my quest!