Making of the Mothers

Having just traced the Fathers for 11 generations I thought I’d follow that up with the Mothers…

So, here we go from my mother following the maiden names with married names in brackets, birth-death dates & place of birth.

  1. My mother: Coralie Constance Ward (Robbins): 1923 – 2013 – Kawhia, NZ

    My mother, Coralie Robbins (nee Ward)
    My mother, Coralie Robbins (nee Ward)
  2. CCW’s mother: Audrey Constance Place (Ward): 1899 – 1979 – England
  3. ACP’s mother: Fanny Maria Ward (Place): 1856 – 1938 – England
  4. FMW’s mother: Maria Biddles (Ward): 1818 –

And, do you know, that’s where this line ends… now an interesting point to note is that my grandparents (ACP & her husband, Richard Ward) were cousins.  I can trace my grandfather’s side back a couple more generations but I see I must now check out those websites for “Miss Biddles” and her forefathers/mothers….

Next time… more on my mother’s side because I have less information on that… maybe mother >father>mother>father >etc.

Do let me know if you’re game to do the same!

Ah-ha – thanks to I can add one more generation:

5. MB’s mother: Ann Norman (Biddles) b 1798 – no further details

Update as of 26 Sept (2015): I have just found a website and have traced the “mothers” back another 5 generations – yay! This website includes birth, marriage & death dates (most birth & death dates are approximate) and locations – all Leicester, England.

6.  AN’s mother: Hannah Elkington (Norman): 1761 – 1819

7.  HE’s mother: Mary Martin (Elkington): 1736 – 1792

8.  MM’s mother: Hannah Hubbard (Martin): 1714 – 1787

9. HH’s mother: Mary Groocock (Hubbard): 1683 – 1725

10. MG’s mother: Alice d 1702 – (no further info available for her, so here my current search ends.)

Now I must inform my niece that her name, Hannah, goes back a long way in the family!!