Just wondering… and pondering…

Do you ever wonder..? just wonder…? Things like…

What are you here for?

Why do you love to do certain things?



As I sit at my desk watching the world go by I realise it is a while since I have written a blog post… So why should I write one now?  Why not just sit and ponder?

So easy to sit here and just watch the world (and tide) go by…!

…Because I realise that I love to write… and I love to write not just for myself but to inspire others in some way … if possible.

…And then I start thinking about my other passions… photography, reading, travel…

Why photography?  Because it helps me capture things I am passionate about… God’s creation, family, friends…


Why do I love to read?  Because that is my “escape”… I delve into someone else’s world and hide from the reality of my own… books I read must be “easy-reads” – nothing too detailed or descriptive and I generally only read before sleep at night so I don’t want to be stimulated… boring, eh?!

Why travel? Because there is a big wide world out there and much of it is so beautiful and waiting for me to photograph it! I don’t like cities or shopping (though this hasn’t always been the case and I concede that it may change again…) and I’m past the age where I will risk physical injury unnecessarily (adventure tourism-type activities), so my “bucket list” includes trips to such places as Scotland and Nova Scotia (chasing my heritage) rather than London and New York, for instance. Until the doors open for travel to such distant places I am happy to continue exploring the “corners” of New Zealand.

One of my favourite “corners” of the world!

Now, I know I have many more years behind me than are before me but I keep quoting (to myself as much as to anyone else) CS Lewis: “You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream.”

So, I encourage you to activate your dreams, follow your passions and move forward… You are on this earth for a reason.

You have gifts and talents (probably those things you are passionate about).

You are able to inspire, bless and encourage others… do so with excitement and joy and purpose…

And do let me know if I have triggered “something” in you… cos then you will bless and encourage me knowing you have read this little blurb…


Tidy-up Time.

“Be patient and most important of all – never give up.” Matthew Loomis

  • Opening
  • Middle
  • Close
  • Headline

Now I’m set and ready to re-visit my old posts… oh, what a task!

Over the next few days it is my intention to go back to my “Te Maika” posts and see how I can improve the openings, the closures (can I call them that?) and the headlines as per Matthew Loomis’ instructions in his ebook “How to Write the Perfect Blog Post”.

I am fully aware that my “Te Maika” posts don’t fall under the category of blog often referred to (in ML’s booklet) but I am sure I can still improve on what is currently there – especially in the Title.

So I’d love it if you journey with me and comment as we go…

Progress… learning, learning, learning..

“If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis.” Neil Patel

How’s this… my second post today…!!! And I’m taking advice seriously… (as per the above quote from a “Top Blogger” – thank you, Neil.)

Actually, what I want to mention is the progress I am making. I am enjoying the learning process and if my blurb here helps anyone else I will be happy!

In my previous post under menu item “Blogging” I was looking at blogging for money.  Now this may be an eventual goal but I realised I needed to sort out my site first and foremost.  Thanks to WordPress Help, I think I have managed to do this.  It probably could still do with some tweaks, but generally it’s okay for now.

Second point I want to make here is to direct you to the excellent “setting up” site my hubby found.  And I have a question for you… but first, I am loving what Matthew Loomis has to say regarding blogging (no, he’s not paying me to say this and I hope it’s okay to use his name here). I don’t know where hubby, Jim, came across his site and I’m not going to plagiarise his information but I am sure putting it into practice…. eg, beginning with a quote.

And now, the question…. Jim (hubby) wants to create a “chat forum” relating to topics he’s interested in.  My site is already set up and doesn’t have a lot of traffic though I love that I have a few followers and readers of each post (what blogger doesn’t?) Should Jim use my site and add an item to my menu or create his own site? A point to note is that I am likely to do much of the administering of his site if he sets up his own (but he would respond to forum discussions)… which would make it easier to just have the one web/blog site….

Anyway, love to hear your opinion…


More on blogging for money …

Mmmm…. maybe one day… I think I’m on to day 5 on my recent quest for riches or “followers” though the medium of blogging. I have one further follower today (thank you, Kathryn) and several requests to confirm my entry into numerous competition and “freebie” sites. Sure, making money without having to do anything sounds great… but quite dubious… and, as I’ve already found, do rather load up my inbox (and Spam filter!). Anyway, I’ll deal with that shortly…

In the meantime let’s see what my friendly “Stuff”article tells me about blogging for money… I need to find a brand who values my opinion… oh… on what?? Does that mean I must blog about nappies, or make-up, or tools, or food, or …. Sounds like advertising under another name to me! I guess a Christian marketer might like my “Reflections & Meditations” tag (or is that ‘category’?)… wonderful! Or a specific DIY or building supplies firm could like my “Home Restorations” tag/category… Is this how it works?

One thing I wouldn’t like to become is an advertising blog… promotions can run alongside (if I ever get to that point!) and that, I see, is what is called “Affiliate marketing”. The blogger makes a percentage (a very small percentage, I believe) when readers buy from an advertisement included in or beside a blog.

But apparently sponsored content is the most common way for blogs to make money.  Now this is advertising and, as I said, I don’t think I want to go down that track. I could, as my “stuff” article suggests, sell products or services … that would take time and resources…

I have just read about a blogger who, after three years of blogging, now has more than 120,000 followers on Facebook. She endorses my thoughts that blogging is about writing, anything else comes second. That’s what I want to hear!

So, enough about blogging for money for now.  I’ll certainly post a blog if I do make any money but in the meantime it’s on with my other tags or categories or posts or whatever they are called… now I am really proving my “noviceness” aren’t I!!

Day 4…


So far so good… life carries on with normal and abnormal daily activities but I am managing to find half an hour in which to sit looking partly at my keyboard and screen but, truth be told, probably more at the wonderful vista from my window! (See attached photo).  Of course, the wonderful thing about this scene is that it is constantly changing. The tide comes in and the tide goes out; the boats (four at present) turn on their anchors; the waves break or ripple – well, never quite a ripple – and the sandbars hide and become exposed.  Currently there are no yachts, pesky jet-skis, paddle boarders or kayakers in sight but that is probably because the sun is just peeping through an ominously grey sky. Actually, I tell a lie – I can see one lone paddle-boarder in the distant break at the mouth of the estuary.

Moncks Spur 005
View from my desk.

But, enough of that.. (are you envious??) back to blogging…

The third point in my “Stuff” article is that I need a large “following” (as in 10,000) before I’m likely to make any money… oh gosh… !! Well, I won’t let that deter me… Jesus started his ministry with just one “follower” too and now look at his following!! And I guess all bloggers with a large number of “followers” all began with just one friend!

So I’m thinking that blogging as a blogging topic is really not that inspiring so I will shortly diverse and see what happens.

And on a slightly different vein … I mentioned a couple of days ago (or was it only yesterday?) that I was going to try my hand at making money from competitions or similar websites. Yep, you can guess where that led me!! Links into daily deals… at least half a dozen of them! Not quite what I was looking for but I have entered competitions to win a car, a holiday and… mmmmm…. I forget the others.  I am not holding my breath and selling my current vehicle! I have also unsubscribed to several of those deals as, if I really want to buy something online, it is so easy to tap back into them without being inundated with “buy me…. you need me… a deal you can’t resist…” daily!

So, until tomorrow…

Next tips…

Going back to the “Stuff” article I referred to yesterday I see I need to write a “blog full of great content.” Okay, I don’t think that sticking to my topic of “Blogging” will do that and I have six or seven categories (is that what they are?) on my menu so I must utilise them… I probably need to concentrate on just one or two of them to build up my “following” with folk that will be interested in what I write.

Mmmmm… food for thought… What are my categories?? There’s “Food”, “Photography”, “Home Restoration”, “Reflections & Meditations”, “Family History” as well as this one and “A Bit About Me”. So, if you are willing to be part of this “experiment” I’d love you to let me know which topic you are most likely to read about.

Firstly, let me clarify that I am not a wonderful chef or baker but do enjoy my lovely kitchen and sometimes I bring something out of my oven or to the table that I think is worth sharing.

Secondly, as you will know, if you have read any of my photography posts, that I am not an accomplished photographer but I do love learning about my camera and how to take the best shots.  I have been taking photos since I was a child (one or two years ago – ha! ha!) and I am happy to share any new skills learned and how to better use my camera with you – and experiments I may do to help me learn.

Thirdly, our home has been restored and I must finish those blogs as the house is now on the market and it would be great to complete that series before we sell and move on… to a home with NO maintenance or renovations!!

Fourthly, I love writing “Reflections and Meditations” and these flow very easily from my keyboard, not to mention a stockpile I can always draw on.

Fifthly, “Family History” is an interest which has lain dormant for the last few months but I will get back to it over the winter months (soon to be upon us here in New Zealand).  I know there are many, many blogs regarding this as information is so much more accessible today.  I will endeavour to “touch base” with like-minded family history bloggers and see where that leads…

And then I think I’ll add a further category, “New Zealand from a Kiwi’s Eye” or “Travel” (because I do desire to visit Australia this year and much further afield next year) or similar. I have seen much (most?) of New Zealand and love exploring the less “touristy” sights. My post “A wet & wild weekend” (which seems to have disappeared!) is an example of the type of experience I would take you on.

And that is sufficient for now.  I would love to hear from you with your thoughts…