30-day challenge… yes, well…

Well, guess what?? I have “finished” my 30-day blogging challenge… and I am well on my way to making my millions… as we say in Kiwi land… “yeah right!!” Now to say I am uninspired is an understatement… I realise I did not do all that was suggested… I find it hard enough keeping up with texts, Facebook, emails, (forget all the daily Bloglovin posts), blogging and generally being a “live, kicking, sociable (in person), coffee sharing, conversational person” let alone start tweeting, flickering, tumbling or beeping and booping and goodness knows what else!! If that’s you, you go for it; it’s not me! It turns out that many of my “challenges” were simply to write a blog post, or to check previous posts. And when I emailed at an early stage of confusion because the daily (identical) video instruction was “please email me with any problems and I’ll do my best to help” (or similar) I didn’t get a reply – maybe my question was too basic/complicated??

So, where does that leave me regarding blogging?

I thought I might be able to help fellow “old learners” to get started to make some dollars for a happy and fulfilled retirement 🙂

Sorry, guys & gals, not at the moment 😦

But, hang in there… I will keep on blogging and I will try other avenues.  I haven’t failed – I am blogging away on several varied topics as I promised in one of my first blogs or “About me” posts.

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” I will show courage… really? is that what it is… ?I’d call it time, myself – but I do like that quote!

…And Thomas Edison who tried 10,000 times before success with the light bulb: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Oh, wow!! amazing man… 10,000 times… does that equal 10,000 posts before I earn a dollar??

…and CS Lewis:  “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.” I have just used one finger… 9, if I include thumbs, to go!

Gosh, so many famous & not-so-famous people have said so many wise things about failure that I’ve just got to carry on!

So, where to now? Let’s check out “Blogging 101” or “How to make my blog memorable” or “How to make money from blogging” or …. so many to chose from!!

I’ll keep you informed 🙂