Spring… into spring, new life, new ideas, new goals, new friends, new…

First blossom on our tree.
First blossom on our tree.

Spring! I bet that brings happy thoughts to you! What do you envision?  Cherry blossoms? Daffoldils? Lambs? Calves? Yep, all those things and many more. Like you, I’m sure, I love spring time – a time of new beginnings, fresh ideas, warmer temperatures. (Mind you, as I write this, I’m not convinced of that last one!!)

So what are you going to do with spring this year? Just sort out your wardrobe? Bring out the hat & sunnies?

Let me encourage you to try something new… I am practicing what I preach and it really is quite exciting!  I have started this blog; I have started playing tennis again after 25+ years; I am trying out a new recipe every couple of days (& if successful, posting it on this blog – sorry, today’s one was a bit of a flop – the idea was nice & I’ll try it again with a few adjustments); I’m re-visiting my family history research, and the list will increase as time allows.

Now, that (time) is a BIG factor, I know – you may have family commitments, or you may work full- or part-time.  But I still encourage you to spend some time each week learning something new.

Age is another factor but I am definitely not a “spring chicken”, and as I’ve mentioned before, I would like to keep learning until my brain or body doesn’t allow it. I do hope to be quite daring when the temperature (& water) does heat up somewhat…

Waves just made for surfing!
Waves just made for surfing!

When I was a “spring chicken” I used to hang out with surfies but in those days girls just “hung out” and didn’t surf.  I always wanted to surf but wasn’t game enough to ask.  Now, my son surfs and is teaching his children…. so guess what? I’m going to join in on those lessons. More of that in a few months!

But back to you and new ideas…

  1. Write a list of things you’d like to do if you had the time, money, resources, etc, etc.
  2. Now whittle that list to things that are possible for you to do.
  3. Select one thing on that list that is simple, requires least effort and you have resources available.
  4. Allocate the time to begin, including any research that may be necessary.
  5. And away you go…
  6. Stick with the task until it is underway or complete. Some things may be on-going, such as blogging & researching family history; other things may be completed in an hour or two such as making a photo frame for a favourite photo or a gift; and other things may just require a phone call and time like taking a new friend out for coffee.

    Simple photo frame made in about an hour.
    Simple photo frame made in about an hour.
  7. If you are on Facebook, share your task with your friends – a bit of encouragement does wonders for the soul and it’ll spur you on for your next project.

So thats all from me today.  I love encouragement, too, so do share with me if you have been inspired… and show or tell me what you are going to do this spring!  (If it’s not spring in your part of the world, well, it will be sometime… and winter is a great time to think of new things to tackle while you’re stuck indoors!)

Have you ever pushed yourself to your limit? Then how do you know if you have one?
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