On blogging… joggin’ along…

IMG_2497 I’m feeling very positive this morning 🙂 It’s the first day of daylight saving here in NZ; my cherry blossom is flowering and yesterday I sifted through about 5 days of my ’30-day challenge’ and made the decision that I actually didn’t want to do some of the tasks! So I may not make the money just yet but I do have my boundaries or limits to what I will do.  I realise I enjoy writing, love it when one of you tells me you’ve read my blog/s, and like to respond at times to some other blogs.  Yesterday a young woman (Kelsee727) from Ohio, USA responded to one of my blogs – how exciting was that!! She & I are poles apart in many ways (location, age, backgrounds) but how wonderful that we can “chat” and encourage each other! The world is indeed a small place!

But, back to blogging on… I lay awake last night thinking of the positive things to this new hobby… no, occupation… no, career… no, assignment… yes, that sounds about right… assignment … something I need to conquer!

So the positive things:

  1. I get to write each day about topics I like to write about.
  2. I get to record my thoughts in a way that may, in some way, bless or benefit others.
  3. I get to learn new things that others generously share on line.
  4. I get to meet other like-minded folk on line.
  5. I may eventually make some money from doing these things 🙂

I did read a couple of blogs yesterday where the bloggers are actually tired of blogging. Yes, I can understand that that may come upon me, too, but as a “newbie”, I’ll continue to focus on the positive and tap these keys.

But right now, I’d better go and help hubby as he sounds like he’s pulling the house down (see Renovation 101 blogs).

And then it’s on to Day 21 of my “challenge” and I am to enter some discussion forums – that sounds like something I can do…

Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.