Return from “holiday”.

Hi there,

I have had a little “blog holiday”.  I found I had other things that needed my attention to complete within a time frame.  These tasks are now done – yay!!

But the great thing is that I learned that I could take a blog holiday. I do enjoy writing and posting blogs but, when I realised that no-one was going to suffer because I didn’t blog, I was more content concentrating on those tasks that were “must-do”s.

I also realised that blogging is more of a cooler weather activity.  The warmer weather beckons me outdoors to the garden (ha! ha! I wish!!), the beach, tennis and generally away from the computer. It is interesting what one learns about oneself when one is not in paid employment.

Of course, if I was making any money from blogging it might be a different story. This should be something I look into in more depth next year but in the meantime, if anyone has a must-succeed, really easy way to make many from blogging, I’d love to hear it!

So now, before I return to the next item on my “to-do” list I will try to post a blog every day (well, maybe not Christmas Day) until I have added one to each of my categories.

So, if I am privileged enough to have you read this, I wish you a very happy Christmas and prosperous and blessed 2016, Judy

On blogging… blogging on…

In happy pre-blogging days!!
In happy pre-blogging days!!

Here I sit, about to tackle another day of blogging… well, a small part of my day! I have been on this exercise for about three weeks now and am still very much a learner.  But I must laugh cos otherwise I will freeze – freeze in my journey to become an old learner, “old” as in “mature in years” or “grandmother”. This morning I opened my inbox and “aaaahhh!!” I have about 30 “Bloglovin” emails!!  I’m sure this isn’t meant to happen – whenever will I get to blog myself??

But let’s back-track a little… just a very little at this stage because I have just lost all my words from this morning… another “aaahhh!!” moment 😦

Okay, so I eventually got myself up and running with a little (lot) help from a young friend.  I am finding my way around my site (with hiccups like this morning’s!) and have written 15 blogs – yay!!  I have also accepted a “30 day challenge” to get me heading towards the money-making side of my goal 🙂 Problem is that today is Day 23 and I am still on Day 12… oh well, I do have a life outside of blogging!  I must keep reminding myself of the fact that I won’t be disciplined if I don’t complete each day’s task on time either. Having been a teacher for many years I am used to setting goals and expecting them to be done in the time allocated!

Anyway, I have now done my second blog for the day. I will save this before it disappears then see if I can successfully add a photo just to make it a bit more interesting.  And then I will sift through those 30+ Bloglovin emails and then I will see what Day 13’s challenge is 🙂 Thank you for travelling this journey with me… one day soon I will be able to instruct others… s_l_o_w_l_y  – if you’re over that 40 year age group!!