Reflections and meditations

IMG_2372Hi there

In my introduction “A bit about me” I said that I was a Christian – a firm believer in an omnipresent (everywhere), omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all powerful) God. No apologies for this, it is a real part of me and I talk to God on a very regular basis – actually, more than talk to him, I have conversations with him.IMG_2363

However, in saying that, don’t let me put you off reading these posts.  I am not one to push my beliefs on another – yes, I’ll share if you want to hear, and I will endeavour to answer any questions on the subject but I am not a debater & am not good at remembering scripture even though I have been a Christian for many years.  I hope my life reflects my beliefs 🙂

IMG_2389In these “Reflections and Mediations” posts I just want to share many things I have learned and gleaned over six or so decades. I will sometimes quote scripture but the truths will remain, scripture or not.  I love to encourage folk to live positively, bringing joy and growth to both yourself and others within your sphere of influence. I heard this week a mental skills coach talking to a chat show host and I love what he said:” Find (your) bliss and be unrealistic…. Push yourself to the limits… You’re only limited by your imagination… The key word is ‘permission’ – give yourself permission to dream.” I would add that we then need to act on those dreams… and that is what I am doing and encourage you, also, to do…