Te Anau to Cromwell… landscapes, cloudscapes and derelict buildings.

A wonderful sleep was had by all!! The rain arrived in the morning as it does for me whenever I visit Te Anau.  We agreed to take the slighter longer route to Cromwell rather than back-track to Queenstown.  It wasn’t long before we left the rain behind to enjoy the different and varied scenery through Southland farming country.


I wonder if I’ll ever see a pencil sketch of this…??

Old buildings squat in fields at frequent intervals and soon Jim declared that I should be taking photos of these to add to his “accumulation”.

“What accumulation?”

“The ones on the computer that I am going to draw with pencil one day.”

“Oooo…kaaay… ” (I’m not sure just what he was referring to here…) but, with this confession, we were then on constant lookout for old rundown and dilapidated buildings.

Not much left of this one…

Not only did the landscapes keep us focussed but so did the cloud-scapes. The rolling farmlands were luscious and green and above brilliant shapes and swirls spread before us in amazing displays of white on blue.

Amazing cloud formation.

“I know what we’re having for lunch ….! Jimmy’s Pies!”

“Jimmy’s Pies? You haven’t made any pies!”

“No, Jimmy’s Pies at Roxburgh – I used to stop there and buy a pie at Jimmy’s Pies when I was young on the way to the possum festival.”

Well, I guess if ‘Jimmy’ has been making pies since our Jim was a lad, and is still making them, they can’t be too bad!

And when we pulled up at Jimmy’s Pie Shop there were enough customers lined up for us to think we were on to something worth tasting!  I chose an apricot pie, being in the heart of apricot country, but as it wasn’t apricot season, this pie tasted like any other apricot pie much to my disappointment – my mistake!


Someone was trying to confuse us in Clyde.

Another stop at Clyde while Rosemary checked the wool and craft shop in her continual search for certain merino wool – she got lucky this time! Jim had a wander around the old buildings looking for earthquake damage… yes…we wondered about that too – it has just become a habit of his since working for several years with earthquake repairs here in Christchurch. We drove to the top of the dam, took a couple of terrible photos, and continued to Cromwell where it was, again, too wet and cold and miserable to do anything but find our accommodation and settle in for the night.