Toward Milford Sound… after a bad night but a better morning…

As I mentioned and photgraphed, the view was great…

Our first unit on the right of this block.

We had actually been given the choice of two units at Te Anau – the first one being two bedrooms with a bathroom between but no lounge and minimal cooking facilities in each – not an option! The second unit had decent lounge, dining and kitchen facilities but, once again, the bathroom was through a bedroom. Oh well, seems like we were lumped with this one – especially as it had the great lake view.

So… Steve, as per usual, starts cooking… uh, oh…. the cooking has stopped… all by itself… “Not a problem, we’ll just turn the fuse back on.”

And we’re cooking again… until we turn on the telly…

“Turn the fuse on again…” …. cooking again … check emails and Facebook … plug in computers…

“Fuse again…” re-charge phones….

“Fuse… Oh, this is going to be a fun night!”

We reached our limit when the fuse blew once more right in the middle of a major rugby match – Canterbury playing Otago, I think – not a positive outcome for Jim, an Otago supporter!

But wait… there’s more… lack of electric blankets… heater in bathroom not working… noisy neighbours…

It was too late to mention anything to staff that night as they had gone home to their warm, electrically-sound homes but in the morning my man, Jim, hot-trotted over to the office to (politely) explain our frustrations of the previous evening.

Now, full marks to the management who humbly and compassionately listened to the list of “grievances” and immediately offered us a room in the adjacent new motel block. Would we be happy to accept that at no extra cost? Mmmmmm…. what do you think??


Our upgrade – 2nd and 3rd doors downstairs.

No sooner had we transferred all our gear and were revelling in the two separate bedrooms, separate bathroom, well-appointed kitchen, spacious lounge and heat pumps in all rooms than we noticed an electrical van parked outside our previous unit – 10/10 for quick action! Another bonus for us – our view was the same!



View from new unit – could wake to this quite happily!

Anyway, today was the day we were going to do item number two on my “must do” list – drive to Milford Sound. I walked the Milford Track with my children over 20 years ago but I had never driven in or out as at the time of our tramp we had to fly out as the Homer Tunnel was closed due to a slip.

The day was not brilliant but it wasn’t raining. (Mind you, some rain would have provided the rivers with some water to flow into the waterfalls.) But one thing that was in abundance was tourists… on buses! We (unintentionally) timed our trip so we didn’t become part of a “bus jam” but we passed what seemed like myriads of tourists spewing out of buses at one photographic point to snap pics of cloud-covered mountains.

The map to Milford highlighted several places of interest along the way.  The first of these we chose to stop at was…

“Guess what….we get to see more Mirror Lakes!”

“I didn’t know there were lakes out here!”

Oh darn… we pull up behind a parked bus or two… and go down the path to view the mirror lakes.  We meet the tourists coming from the other direction! Camera at the ready, shuffling through the Asians… and Asians… and Europeans… and Asians, I hear an odd but somewhat familiar sound… “My old man’s a dustman, he wears a dustman’s hat” in a sort-of tune…

Mmmm, I think I’ll ignore that and focus on the “mirrors”. I was right – there are no real lakes here but the tiny bodies of water we’d stopped to look at did reflect almost perfectly the surrounding scenery.  Nothing compared to Lakes Kaniere, Ianthe and Matheson but maybe the tourists didn’t realise that yet… _MG_9042