Te Maika – 14 – Bedtimes and …

It is a fact that kids like to return to the same holiday destinations year after year.

Adults might prefer variety and exploring new places but children, according to research, like to return to familiar “haunts.” We were happy to oblige and continued to cart children, friends, food and not much else to Te Maika for many years.

As more adult friends were invited to holiday with us our “escapades” increased.  My brother took two kayaks to the bach and they made a home there.

Kayaks ready for action.

Fishing rods were purchased and fish became an occasional treat – occasional because I don’t think any of us were skilled fishermen or women.

Ever hopeful…







As the children grew longer legs we were able to venture further afield.

High-jinks at night became the norm… there was always an “apple-pied” bed for some unsuspecting sleepy-head to climb into and I still get caught out by someone waiting silently at the corner of the bach after my before-bed trip to the long drop. A torch shining in her face accompanied by a loud “BOO!” never fails to bring on fits of giggles –  year after year after year!

One night we were all tucked up in bed, lights blown out when a certain gentleman (?) amongst our number climbed out of bed and crept over to each of us, torch in hand, and shone it in our faces… camera in hand to record startled faces!.  This was just a distraction for the “main event”.  As I settled back to a sleepy state my instinct for trouble remained on high alert.   Torch at the ready under my pillow… ears focussed on any bed-shuffling or “out-of-place” sounds, I wasn’t disappointed …

After a short time of listening… listening… listening… I sat up and shone my torch into a surprised face… and then above me… There descending directly above my head was fishing line weighted with a sinker… One father and two boys (my son and his son) had threaded this line through some plastic spouting suspended in the exposed rafters so, when slowly lowered from the bed at the other end of the pipe, the plan was for it to scare me out of my wits as a “spider” gently plopped itself on my head in the dark of night…. but the plan was foiled …ha! ha! …one up to me!

The following day we had a very high tide so I challenged “Spiderman” to a rock climb… around the rocks in our bay at high tide without getting our feet wet… the results didn’t matter but it is always a fun bit of exercise…

Clambering around the rocks at high tide.