Te Maika – 12 – “Yes, of course you can come…”

Do you like to share experiences with your friends? Do you talk about places you’ve been and show photos to anyone interested? And what happens when these friends say, “Gosh, I’d love to go there…!”

Well that was me… I couldn’t help but talk about Te Maika after each holiday.  The topic often came up following another question … “How did you get so brown?” I am fortunate to tan easily and after two weeks living mainly outdoors it was, and is, inevitable that I return to “civilisation” a few shades darker than when I left!

So it was, one evening of socialising with a couple of my close friends, talking about holidays and favourite places and of course Te Maika came into the conversation.  “Could we come up next year?” ….. “Well, I don’t know… I guess I could ask Dad…”

And so once it was ‘okayed’ by my father, Jan, Paula and I planned throughout the year.  Food and other provisions were purchased near to departure time, children were informed and travel plans implemented…. this was going to be FUN!

And it was FUN! My father took us over in JulieAnn (and put Paula off small boats for life!) and deposited us on the shore. Our children knew each other well and my son often had a cousin there as well for company nearer his age. “Traditions” were instigated… a barbecue at a special beach where we hiked over the hills (well, it’s not far really, but with youngish children in tow, it certainly seemed like a hike!) carrying food, drinks, towels and togs. The descent to the beach was down a steep hill and there we built a fire from sticks found on the beach before cooking sausages, damper and marshmallows and chocolate in bananas. There was always time to clamber over the rocks, swim in a rock pool or splash in the waves and search for crabs in abundance in the cracks in the rocks. Once the food was eaten and the sun was on its way down we would either clamber up the hill to return to the bach or, if the tide was low enough, would take the easier way around the rocks and beach.

Barbecue beach (tide in).

Another “must do” each year was a walk around the harbour. A couple of times we ventured across the harbour at very low tide to “Shelly Bay”. This was a very sticky traipse over the mud flats… and I wish I had photos to show of Jan and Paula up to their thighs in the mud! That was a sloooow crossing having to pull each leg out of the ooze before taking the next step! The children fared better as they managed to remain mostly above ground being somewhat lighter. Once at Shelley Bay we explored the promontory, refreshed ourselves with well-earned drink and bickies, the repeated the procedure to return home…. somewhat exhausted!

More antics next time…