Te Maika – 4

Our bach 10 years ago.
View from our bach.

The frustrations continue with this website … but I WILL (eventually) overcome! In the meantime I’ll continue back in the days pre-computers, cell phones, internet, even television,…. anyone remember those days?

… Like the wonderful days at Te Maika when my parents didn’t have to say “No cell phones, computers, or other gadgets at Te Maika.” Things way back then were so basic that we didn’t even have a radio for many years.  I don’t remember just when my father actually brought one to Te Maika but I do remember the static that we had to put up with twice a day as he tried to tune in to the news.  We were in such a world of our own that we really didn’t care what was happening in the rest of the world!

Anyway,  have digressed a little… I was sharing with you about the burden of carrying food, a small bag of clothing each, and other necessities to whichever bach we happened to be staying in that year. Eventually, when I was 10, I think, we bought our own bach. This was the school teacher’s home which became surplus once the school closed for good.

Our bach is separate from the row of baches in the main bay. It sits nestled into the hillside in Cable Bay and looks toward the mouth of the harbour.  There is one other bach in “our” bay but we can see many more that have “grown” on the hillsides. Today, my brothers, my husband, various friends, other family members and I have made vast improvements to the extremely modest structure that my father purchased all those years ago.

The bach itself was built in the early 1920s, I believe, as a holiday cottage to be rented out.  There were another two or three all in close proximity but ours is the only one still standing – and was when my parents took ownership. My earliest memories are of four basic rooms… one bunk room just big enough to fit a set of bunks, a main living space with a curtained-off bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. There was, and still is, a verandah facing north which was, when the teacher and his family were in residence, also the bedroom for said teacher and his wife – that must have been cold in the winter months with only a drop-down bamboo blind to keep the weather at bay!!

Our kitchen was equipped with a wood-burning stove, a pantry and a safe. The safe was vented to the outside to allow cool air to flow around food which today would be tucked away safely in a fridge. The bathroom was step down onto a dirt floor with one tap of running water flowing into a drain which went straight to the dirt outside, I think!

And the toilet…. well, that’s for my next post…


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