Te Maika – 3 – A launch, a shop and ice-cream…

Oh the frustration… I see “Te Maika – 2”, my second blog about Te Maika went astray and I haven’t been able to rope it in under “Travel” yet… mind you, I did re-create the “Travel” item on the menu! One day these things will get sorted…

Anyway, back to Te Maika… yesterday I left you waiting for Tom Rewi’s launch to arrive at Kawhia to take my family to Te Maika for our week-long annual holiday.  We always enjoyed the launch trip because of the anticipation of adventures to come, places to re-discover and friends to become re-acquainted with.

The jetty to which we headed is long gone as are Tom’s launches and also Tom’s shop on the peninsula.  But memories of the launch trip, carrying our suitcases and boxes of groceries, and the smell of the shop are imprinted in my memory for ever.  The shop had a distinct smell… musty, woody and with a unique “flavour” if that’s possible. I’m not sure what Tom sold in the shop but probably bread, dried and/or tinned milk, canned goods and maybe even ice-cream, though I’m unsure about that as I don’t know that he would have been able to run a fridge let alone a freezer!  The baches certainly didn’t have power available! And I don’t know when the shop ceased to trade – but I think it was before Tom’s boats burned or got ship-wrecked (I won’t go into the details of those events as I wasn’t there at either occurrence.) But the reason I’m unsure about the ice-cream is because of one fond memory I do have from my young days at Te Maika…

My Nana and Papa would come and visit us for the day or even a night and, although we did enjoy their company, the thing most anticipated was the ice-cream which they always brought across.  Of course, although it was well-wrapped in newspaper, it was beginning to melt by the time it arrived in the bach – no chilly bins/eskis/ or whatever you call them in those days! No wonder I prefer soft ice-cream even now… the joy of eating this treat mid-morning… not even at meal time… and the whole block (yes, it was a block of ice-cream back then!) had to go without anywhere to keep any left-overs.

Of course, all baggage, food and other equipment had to be taken to whatever bach we happened to be staying in by foot – before we could meet up with friends or go for a swim.  That was by far the worst part of the holiday but a necessary task so it was completed as quickly as possible, naturally.

So, until tomorrow…



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