Love… again

While I’m still working on the topic of “Agape Love” I thought I’d let a little more overflow here… and as I was writing about road rage, while taking a short break, I checked my Facebook page and what popped up but a post by a friend who had just witnessed a case of road rage. How timely was that!!

Maybe you are a “perfect” driver and never make a misdemeanour on the road? Or you’re so well organised that you’re never in a hurry? If so, you’re certainly one in a million!  But I am like most of the rest of us and I’m sure I turn in front of other cars when I’ve mis-judged their speed (occasionally), and sometimes I leave for an appointment just a couple of minutes later than I intended and get annoyed at all the red lights… yes… you too? Okay, if your day has already been “bad”, I understand the frustration is compounded.

BUT… it is NOT the other person’s fault!  Understand that we are all human and we do all make mistakes… Some of our population is older that the rest of us and older folk do lose their ability to react quickly… One day young ones will be “oldies” too!

So, my lesson here… don’t be easily provoked.  It doesn’t do any good to anyone!

And what about our “me first” attitude? From an early age our children are taught to seek the best – for themselves.  Now, that is fine in itself, but is it at the cost of others? Surely the world would be a better place is we put others first preferring the good of others before our own desires.

This begins from a polite “You go ahead” at the supermarket or “Can I help?” Years ago when I often caught a bus we were taught to give our seat to women or older commuters if there were no vacant seats. I wonder how often this is done today?

In my study on love I have found myself wanting in many ways, but as I continue to read and absorb I am very aware of aspects in my life that can show improvement… have I given you food for thought, too?  I certainly hope so!

We can make the world a better place – one step, one action and one day at a time!


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