I’m taking a break from my “Blogging” today as I have been preparing a talk on “Love” and just feel to share some thoughts here.  Specifically, my talk is about the agape love of God but please don’t stop reading just because you “don’t believe in God” or believe in a different God to me… as an old song sung by Christopher Cross says “love is love in any language”.

But the thing that has struck me as I’ve been reading and meditating and reflecting is that  (and hey! – here’s another song)… “What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love”

(What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No not just for some but for everyone.)

I don’t know that there’s “too little of…” but it sure is true that it’s something everyone needs. And not only needs for ourselves but needs to give.

My study has focussed on the “love”chapter in the Bible – 1 Corinthians 13.  Many of you will have heard that read at weddings, or maybe even had it read at you own wedding.  Unfortunately, often at times like that, it’s just words. But when we take note of those words, what a powerful difference it could make in our lives and those of folk we know, work with, love, or even just meet at the supermarket.

I love the concept of “paying it forward” where one good deed is passed on to the next person and that recipient then passes it on and this continues (forever would be lovely!). What do you think stops the “paying it forward”? Selfishness? “I can’t afford to pay for the next person’s coffee…” “I haven’t got the resources/time/money to help…”?? Don’t let that stop you… share a little bit of generosity with someone real soon!

One aspect that “kills” love is the way we tend to keep a record of wrongs.  “But I emptied the dishwasher last time…. “; “It’s her turn to set the table…” Familiar comments from your children? And these sentiments continue into adulthood.  Okay, I understand that sharing is great, especially sharing of mundane tasks, but imagine if children could be taught that it is wonderful to serve even in the mundane things no matter how many times siblings have or have not also done so.

One final aspect of “love” I want to share today is how the media (and so frequently us) tend to “celebrate” the sins or downfall of others.  For some reason we get excited when we hear of the latest scandal amongst celebrities or politicians. The public buy magazines to see photos of their “idols” or “heroes” caught out by the paparazzi. Why? Because if we can be disgusted by famous figures we feel morally superior. If they are so bad, we can’t be…

So to sum it up …

  1. Look for the good in others and help whenever possible… “Can I take a photo of all of you?” when the person behind the lens is being excluded.
  2. Be polite…”You go first…” We all learnt as children that pushing in was rude.
  3. Help… “Let me do that…” no matter how many times you have done it previously.
  4. Don’t listen to gossip, no matter how spectacular … or go a bit further and pray for the “sinner”… Not one of us is perfect!

One little act at a time … wouldn’t it be wonderful to overcome the hatred that exists today by sharing a little love each and every day??


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