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Going back to the “Stuff” article I referred to yesterday I see I need to write a “blog full of great content.” Okay, I don’t think that sticking to my topic of “Blogging” will do that and I have six or seven categories (is that what they are?) on my menu so I must utilise them… I probably need to concentrate on just one or two of them to build up my “following” with folk that will be interested in what I write.

Mmmmm… food for thought… What are my categories?? There’s “Food”, “Photography”, “Home Restoration”, “Reflections & Meditations”, “Family History” as well as this one and “A Bit About Me”. So, if you are willing to be part of this “experiment” I’d love you to let me know which topic you are most likely to read about.

Firstly, let me clarify that I am not a wonderful chef or baker but do enjoy my lovely kitchen and sometimes I bring something out of my oven or to the table that I think is worth sharing.

Secondly, as you will know, if you have read any of my photography posts, that I am not an accomplished photographer but I do love learning about my camera and how to take the best shots.  I have been taking photos since I was a child (one or two years ago – ha! ha!) and I am happy to share any new skills learned and how to better use my camera with you – and experiments I may do to help me learn.

Thirdly, our home has been restored and I must finish those blogs as the house is now on the market and it would be great to complete that series before we sell and move on… to a home with NO maintenance or renovations!!

Fourthly, I love writing “Reflections and Meditations” and these flow very easily from my keyboard, not to mention a stockpile I can always draw on.

Fifthly, “Family History” is an interest which has lain dormant for the last few months but I will get back to it over the winter months (soon to be upon us here in New Zealand).  I know there are many, many blogs regarding this as information is so much more accessible today.  I will endeavour to “touch base” with like-minded family history bloggers and see where that leads…

And then I think I’ll add a further category, “New Zealand from a Kiwi’s Eye” or “Travel” (because I do desire to visit Australia this year and much further afield next year) or similar. I have seen much (most?) of New Zealand and love exploring the less “touristy” sights. My post “A wet & wild weekend” (which seems to have disappeared!) is an example of the type of experience I would take you on.

And that is sufficient for now.  I would love to hear from you with your thoughts…


5 thoughts on “Next tips…

  1. New Zealand from a Kiwi’s Eye! That sounds like it could be the start of a really interesting collection of articles 😀


  2. I just love reading what you write! “A colourful assortment of discussions” sums it up well! Not very helpful !! ……..I’d probably skip the food ones!!!!


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