Next steps…

Well, it’s been a whole 12 months since I blogged… how sad!!  Truth is, I’ve had so many other things to do and I was quite frustrated with my web site that it just got put in the “too hard”  or “later” or “when my time is my own again” basket.

In the “time lapse” I have finished the renovations of the house – gosh, I must finish those blog pages, too! My garden has also had a major make-over thanks to my son and daughter-in-law, but now that needs maintaining, of course! I also had another operation  in July but that’s no excuse for not blogging and, by the way, that one was very straight-forward without any complications! We also had to do a major sort-out within the house in preparation for sale and then went on holiday for a month.

And now, I have my menu sorted so things are even in order within my website – yay!!

So, where to now?? Making money from blogging is apparently something many folk do so I’m going to give it a go, too. I am not going to open a twitter or flickr or snapper or cheep (sorry, made up those last two) page or account so the money will have to be made through this site or my Facebook page.

It is my intention (and we all know about good intentions…) to write each and every day… mmmmm…. well, most days… in one of my several categories and see which reaps the most monetary benefits (if any). And I will now leave this page and hope I can attach it to the right menu.

Watch this space and I’ll keep an update of my rise in riches… 1 cent at a time…


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