Road to Recovery – a diary of personal experience. 3

Once I had “moved on” from Bluff I experienced some more rather odd dreams. Most were all set way before my time, early in the 20th century. As time passes they become less clear but I do recall the earlier ones were in sepia colour and in each one I was trying to escape from the situation. Let me elaborate a little…

I was in a pre-WWI photo with my maternal grandfather, I think, and I was trying to get my grandfather and I and others out of the photo.  The men were all in army uniform and at one stage we were all sitting on tiered seats talking; another scene and we were trying to “escape” over a river. I remember being frustrated because I wasn’t able to get out of the picture. Maybe that was when I had to be tied down to stop me pulling out tubes!

In another dream I was fishing for eels on the Wanganui River some time in the distant past.  How do I know it was the Wanganui River? I don’t, but I do believe it was! I was sitting on the bank with some Maori women and they had dragonflies, I think, tied to what were probably strands of flax dangling over the water with which to ensnare the eels. This scene moved around quite a lot and, once again, I wasn’t comfortable being there, but there was nothing I could do about it as I went into several whare (Maori huts) for some reason.

A third vivid dream is also vague now, 6 weeks later. Here I was in a competition of sorts with people of various nationalities. The “competition” changed frequently and I couldn’t “win”. I was injured and eventually the scene (& dream?) changed to “escaping” in a small aircraft from the island on which I was being held to the coast of Australia somewhere. When I flew to this small coastal town, which I think became Christchurch (Sumner, even), or maybe Dunedin, I was dropped at a retirement village-cum-convalescent home. Once again, the scenarios changed many times as I tried to discover why I was in this place and what I should do about it.

Continuing from this dream I found myself in the setting of Christmas many years ago, before my time, but, apart from still being “trapped” I kept thinking what a lovely story this would make if I could remember it.  Quite vague now, in my memory, but it involved a church setting, a family and a Father Christmas who was a saintly old man. The story evolved over the years as I saw fashions change and children grow into adults with families of their own -but the lovely old man (Father Christmas) remained the same.

As I write this I recall one further dream that involved my son buying a house, a builder with a boat, a minor car accident, and people living during WW2. This was a real “Alice-in-Wonderland” dream  (switching from scene to scene very spasmodically) and I’m not going to attempt to explain it!

So, that’s all for dreams.  If anyone can enlighten me regarding these, I’d love to hear from you…