Road to Recovery – a diary of personal experience. 2

So what happened while physically I was in ICU and mentally I was in “The Land of Nod”? Well, physically I had goodness knows how many tubes and wires entering and exiting my body in various places; I was bloated with an excess of about 8 kilograms of fluid (quite normal); I was being tube fed what looked like chocolate milkshake and I was totally unaware of any of this. I had a nurse at the end of my bed watching all the pumps and dials and computer screens to monitor and effect any changes.

My friend arrived from Palmerston North but instead of looking after me she looked after Jim.  What  blessing that was – she cooked and cleaned and generally provided a listening and comforting ear when he needed it (& probably vice versa as well because she was very concerned for me too.)

Jim called in to see me on his way to work in the morning and returning home later in the day; my son, Brad, probably popped in each day and other family and friends came to visit and pray I believe.

But where was I in my mind? Well, first thing I remember is wondering why I had the operation in Bluff (a small town at the bottom of New Zealand about 8 hours from Christchurch) and why a particular surgeon (with a name I do remember but I have no idea if he is a surgeon or not) performed the operation when he was not the one I had been told would be in charge. The “operating theatre” was a large orange “tent” with tiered seating – I didn’t quite figure out why the seating. After the operation (in Bluff) I was moved to a pink table outside the “tent” to recover alongside other patients and went through various  vivid scenarios until Jim & my daughter arrived to drive me home in an SUV (not ours). I “remember” various people coming to “visit” me – Brenda (the friend from Palm Nth), Brad, Jim, Michelle (my daughter-in-law) and being told that I could go home as soon as they could find way to lie me down in the SUV.  Once I was loaded in that I just wanted to stop in Oamaru (a town between Bluff and Christchurch) to buy a “Goody-goody-gumdrops” ice-cream. And I remember thinking that I must ask Jim how I got to Bluff because I didn’t remember flying or driving there. I must have “heard” various conversations as I wondered how Jim would be able to go back to work (in Christchurch) and then come back and visit me later.  And similar for Brad as he was going to go home (to Chch) but Michelle would come and see me later.

When I was conscious I mentioned the bit about having the operation in Bluff and the hospital staff really didn’t know what to make of it… was I joking? did I make that up? and when I filled in a few details I think they decided I had weird sense of humour!

Enough of that for now… my next dream/hallucination/nightmare tomorrow…