Restoration 101 – 12 Revamped bedroom

Bedroom loft
Original bedroom showing window and wardrobe (black door).

Our bed lay under a window – an east-facing window, single-glazed and receiving the brunt of our cold easterly winds. On any night that this wind was blowing we would feel it on our heads when in bed. Tucking the curtains up on the window-sill to stop the cold air flowing down made some difference but that was definitely not a permanent fix!

The view from the bed was great looking to the right but, this too, I could see, could be improved.

A third factor was the wardrobe – an ugly affair with one black sliding door (the other we had removed before we moved in) and rails facing the wrong way making clothes difficult to access.

As I pondered these problems from my bed I came up with a solution…. build a false wall abut 600cm in front of the current wardrobe and place the bed against that wall. This solved all three problems at once. Firstly, the bed would no longer be under the window; secondly, the view ahead would look straight out to sea; and thirdly, we would have a walk-in wardrobe without the need for any doors.

Hubby agreed to this plan and away we went. Not a big job to a builder to construct a wall approximately 2 metres square. It sits on the floor, abuts the internal existing wall and is lined with plywood on both sides.

Next weekend we added three shelves for books and other minor things and it was ready to prepare for painting.  I filled any holes, sanded and undercoated.

The following weekend hubby attached reading lights to the new wall and I rolled on two top coats of paint.

New wall, matching bedspread…

Another weekend and hubby attached new wardrobe rails and garments were re-hung so they are now accessible. A new light was included in the wardrobe so we could actually see our clothes and all I needed now was a new bedspread to match the new wall.

Spectacular view from my bed – morning sun on snow-clad Kaikouras.

I now have no need to get out of bed in the morning… wonderful view out to sea and up the coast, plenty of light for reading, sun streaming in most of the year and no cold wind drifting down my back…. aaahhh… such is life!! What a pity there are other things to do apart from lying in bed reading a good novel!!