Restoration 101 – 8 – Heating

It seem that we had a bit of a break from renovations over the summer months. The house was perfectly liveable although the kitchen was a very annoying feature.  We spent much time considering new kitchens and planned to have one custom-made and installed later in the year. A holiday away from all the unfinished projects brought renewed inspiration and many visitors were very happy to put up with so many imperfections and gib still falling off walls!

But the time was approaching when we needed to make a decision regarding heating.  We had huddled through a spring with no heating (the previous heat pump was too damaged in the earthquake so we removed that before moving in). After much deliberation and many changes of plans, we agreed on the type and placement of heater. Now, Jim and I both love wood burners, and Jim believes he had found a way that would have allowed us (Council Consent required) to install one.  But neither of us are spring chickens, we were both working full time and we have, as I have previously mentioned, a spiral staircase to negotiate before entering the main living area. To arrive home at 5 pm on a cold, dark winter evening and have to set and light a fire plus bring in firewood brought the sensible side out in us! We agreed on a gas fire, turned on with the push of a button and complete with flames for the ambiance.

Stage one. Note cupboard behind fire.
Stage one. Note cupboard behind fire.

So in March (autumn here in NZ) hubby and grandson built the frame for the gas fire complete with TV and recorder/DVD/whatever box above. As can be seen in the photo we put these items in a corner of the lounge to allow the least possible intrusion into the room.  There is a cupboard that is now tucked away in the back of the corner – I placed some current newspapers and magazines in there for posterity before it was sealed off! And, of course, the heater was installed by a qualified installer!

Next step complete as we now have heating and a TV that doesn’t take the focus of the whole room or block any of the view.

Wall is complete and useable for now.
Wall is complete and appliances are useable.