Restoration 101 – 2 – We move in.

I realise that it is now three years, almost to the day, since we moved into our “to-be-demolished-now-to-be-restored” home.  I looked back on some notes I wrote back then and thought I’d share some of those with you in my next couple of posts. I remCherry blossomember the weekend we moved in very well as the cherry blossom was just flowering – what a wonderful welcome!

Here is a part of an email I sent during our first week here :

So, at this point in time, it is 8.37pm and I am sitting in bed with a hotty, Jim’s asleep beside me! Yes, it is early to be in bed but our house is rather draughty one floor down whereas we’re much more snug up in the large bedroom “loft”. In saying that I will add that the curtains above my head are tucked up on the window sill to stop the cold air flowing down and I am wearing a woolly hat!

At this stage we were sleeping on a mattress on the floor.  Our bed base (queen) wasn’t able to twist up the spiral staircase! In fact, we had to replace the broken picture window in the bedroom and that had to be brought up in two pieces unfortunately. I think the original (one large pane) must have been inserted from the outside.

Waiting for new window.
Waiting for new window.

Another paragraph from that email which I think describes our circumstances quite well:

Well, as many of you know, Jim’s a visionary – he saw past the broken blocks and glass, wet carpet, missing windows, smashed and crumbling gib board… and brought me up to see the view! After climbing around the mess underfoot up the solid rimu spiral staircase to the first floor (yuk, food still on the kitchen floor 12 months old!) I saw the view too… then continued on up the stairs to the bedroom to an even more wonderful view! Mmmmmm… maybe there was a possibility… Funny thing was, here’s Jim & I tentatively exploring the house when we realise the agent wasn’t anywhere to be seen! She was afraid to come inside, such was the extent of the damage. Ah, we Taranaki folk are made of stronger stuff!

I should probably add here, looking at the photo, you can see that the bedroom is an odd shape! It actually has seven windows, two of those being internal ones and one semi-internal, semi-external. The windows are mostly of an irregular shape,also, in keeping with the rest of the house!

Next time… more recollections and some progress…