Why Summer Fruit?

Hi again & thanks for tuning in to my blog post number 2.  Yay!!

So why “Summer Fruit”?  No, not just because I love it (I love winter fruit, too) … and no, I’m not much of a gardener, though I am working on that!

I hope to write about many topics (categories?) which will cover a wide range.  When I think of summer fruit I think of juicy, sweet, colourful and varied and so will my blog posts be. I mentioned last time the categories I will add as I become more competent with this new venture and I sure hope you will find them entertaining, interesting and/or informative just as summer fruit is delicious, changeable and healthy.

So to carry on with a short bio – bit of a time-line now… in 1996 I project-managed the construction of my own home which included a “granny flat” for my mother.  Three years later I met and married my second husband and a couple of years after that we bought some land and built a LARGE shed on that with an attached flat in which to live while we built our “dream house” on the hill.  I was in charge of the interior decorating of said flat – from gib-stopping to painting to tiling (more of that later).  As we constructed our home I was “go-fer” and “no 1 lackey” for my hubby who honoured me with a pink nail bag and suitable “ladies’ tools” with which to fill it. I think I earned my “Building 101”!

In 2011 we moved to Christchurch to assist with earthquake repairs – one week before “The Big One” in February 2011.

In 2013 we bought a house that was to be demolished (commonly known as an “as-is-where-is”). We immediately made it habitable, moved in and have since been doing it up. Lots more on that later! (See “Restoration” posts).

And that’s just one aspect of my “fruity” lifestyle…. so thanks again for reading, I’ll be back soon.

Aaaah… the problems continue… I want to put this photo up the top… but it won’t move – blah!! Next time I will start with a photo 🙂

Me and my buddy.