Hello world!

Well, hello thIMG_3478ere…. I am so delighted to begin writing this… my goodness, for those of you who have reached the supposed “top of the hill” and are sliding down, you’ll likely identify with me – an “old dog” can be taught “new tricks” but it sure takes a lot more time, energy and patience!!  I have been on this “mission” to begin a blog post for several weeks now and read copious numbers of blog websites, spoken to some very helpful people, had internet conversations with some not-so-helpful-folk (probably my problem, not theirs!) but here I am at last!  Fingers, toes, legs & arms crossed and we’re away…

So, why set a up blog anyway? Same as most of you, I guess.. I love to write and maybe something I’ll share will interest/encourage/inspire you – I do hope so.  Once I have found my way around this site and tags and categories and images and sharing and those other buttons on my left I will have various topics to write about… house renovations, writing itself, photography, travel, family history, Bible meditations, family activities, ……….

So, a little bit of background… I believe in learning until one is not able to, hence this blog site.  My age is irrelevant as sometimes my body tells me I can’t do all things I would like to, other times it amazes me at how well I can play tennis again after 25+ years of not holding a racquet! I am a parent of 2 and a grandmother of 8 (not including my husband’s numerous grandchildren). I taught primary school children for many years, have run a business with my husband for several years and also worked in various offices. I enjoy social occasions but am also happy with my own company. I love the outdoors, travelling around New Zealand and visiting my “forever” holiday location. A trip UK, USA and Canada to visit family history sites is high on the bucket list agenda.

Now, that’s nowhere near the end of the story but I’m going to leave this for now but I will be back again later with a few more bits and pieces.  Thank you for reading so far… and if you can identify with my frustrations above I’d love to hear from you – maybe we could help each other!